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Nai Chang Tamlueng Pork Tom Yum Noodles @ Kho Saphan Khlong Om

          In addition to being the central market for agricultural products of Thailand There is also a plant market that is divided into small alleys for us to choose from and shop. Plus, most importantly, there are various types of tree branches, flowering plants, ornamental plants, aquatic plants, and large trees. There is also agricultural equipment. that farmers and various plant producer groups put up for sale directly as well The Thai market will be opposite Thammasat University. Who lives in this neighborhood? Please come and have a look.

Trees for sale, Nonthaburi

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A little further from Sam Phi Nong Market. We arrived at Boonyong Market which is a large market. This is a market with a complete range of products for sale. Both small trees and large trees, planting materials, fertilizer, planting equipment, from wooden shelves for placing plants, clay pots, plastic pots. The highlight of this market is In front there is a large stone shop, including sprinkled stones, gravel, floor slabs, and ready-made cement slabs. and a large rose shop

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About Siriwit Riwbamrungpap Songklod Bangyikhan

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For sale: Indian Agave (Agave Pak Kaew) Thonglang spotted for Udon Thani/Nong Khai residents.

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This tree may look like an ordinary leafy plant, but actually it is a dwarf pyong. It is a pyong that probably came from a mutation from seeds. The leaves are smaller than normal. The bad thing is that the flowers are not very prolific. The leaves are a little too beautiful, and most importantly, the price is really too high. You can go and see the real tree. You’ll probably be at the shop for a long time, haha.

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