Detailed instructions for playing Catte New88 from A – Z

Cat te card room at New88 Always a playground that attracts a large number of participants, simple rules, extremely attractive odds. In order to help new players joining New886 have the best overview and easily win, you cannot ignore the instructions for playing Catte New88 in the article below.

Catte New88 game rules

You can only play the card game well and proficiently when you clearly understand the rules of the game and standard playing rules. Taking the time to clearly grasp these basic knowledge will help players quickly win in a short time:

Game regulations

According to the rules of the game, whether online or offline, there is an average of 2 – 6 participants. However, to easily predict cards and have a higher probability of winning, players should choose a game with 5-6 players. In a game with at least 2-3 players, you are more likely to get caught and lose.

Terminology in the article Catte

In any card game there are a number of distinct terms and so is Catte, you should learn carefully to avoid being confused when participating. Below are some commonly used terms in New88 sand that players must grasp:

  • Card: refers to a card played face down or played over by someone else in round 4.
  • Tung (tung): refers to cards played but not crushed by any opponent in all 4 rounds.
  • Dead: the player plays cards continuously and no one can beat them in all 4 turns.
  • Win white: only the player holds a card with four of a kind or the value of all cards is less than 6.
  • Showing cards: only players can pass 4 rounds, reach round 5 and hold 2 cards in hand.
  • Skim cards: only the player who stacks cards with higher value than the previous player in round 5, wins the final game.

White-winner rule in Catte

The white-win rule in the card game Catte New88 is that after dealing the cards, you win immediately without having to continue playing. When starting the game, each person will be dealt 6 cards. If considered in the following cases, it is a white win:

  • Among the 6 cards dealt, there are 4 of a kind (4 cards of the same value).
  • 6 cards of identical suit (for example, all 6 hearts).
  • All 6 cards dealt have a value less than 6.

In case the game has many players reporting white at the same time, the strength of the cards will be compared. As follows:

  • Big and small rules: 6 cards worth less than 6 < 6 cards of the same suit < card with 4 of a kind.
  • If it is a four of a kind, the card with the higher score will win, for example a four of a kind 8 wins a four of a kind 6.
  • For a set of 6 cards smaller than 6, calculate the total to see whichever side has the higher score will win.

Instructions for playing Catte New88 for newbies

To participate in playing Catte New88 at New88 Bookmaker is extremely simple, newbies can easily win in a short time. Below are specific instructions for playing Catte New88, just follow them and you will be successful.

Register/log in New88

First, you need to create an account on the New88 platform, just enter the phone number and a code will be sent, players can easily log in and participate.

After entering the main interface, players can change passwords, information and save them for easy accessUmng enter next time.


To play Catte New88, you must deposit money to bet. Currently, the house supports many deposit methods such as e-wallets, internet banking, scratch cards… The speed of depositing money into your account is fast, without much fee.

Select the lobby

Enter the New88 card game lobby, choose the game and game Catte New88 with suitable odds to participate, easily win.
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Withdraw money

After winning, a notification will be displayed on the screen, players can withdraw money to their account or participate in the next game.

Experience playing Catte New88 to win quickly

The New88 card game is easy to play so there are many opponents. In addition to understanding the instructions for playing New88 card game, you also have to learn some experiences from experts:

  • The priority is that you must have the parts before you can reach the card round. Even if you produce the biggest card, you still have to be able to crush your opponent, otherwise you will die.
  • Keep the stabilizers for the round. If you are not the first to show cards, you should consider carefully and place cards with small points face down to wait for the opportunity. As soon as the opponent launches an army that can be crushed, take the spare immediately. The remaining pieces for the round should not be too small.
  • When it comes to the fighting round, players need to use some tricks to deceive and create the psychology of overwhelming their opponents to win. In this round, you should put the biggest card you have above to make it harder for your opponent to guess.

With specific instructions for playing Catte New88 and some good tips revealed by the experts above, you can easily participate and win. For new players, Bookmaker New88 always updates attractive offers and refunds to give you the best experience, so don’t miss our next numbers.


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