Elevate Conference Room Collaboration with Team Free’s Video Camera Solution

Team Free, a renowned provider of conference room video camera solutions, introduces their latest innovation: the Team Free Host video conferencing all-in-one machine. This cutting-edge device is designed to revolutionize conference room experiences, offering a range of advanced features.

Dual Screen Sharing

The Team Free Host video conferencing all-in-one machine stands out with its dual-screen sharing capability. This feature enables users to simultaneously share content from two screens, providing a seamless and dynamic presentation experience. Whether you need to display slides, documents, or multimedia files, the dual screen sharing functionality allows for enhanced collaboration and engagement during video conferences.

Wireless or Wired Screen Projection Synchronization

One of the standout features of the Team Free Host video conferencing all-in-one machine is its ability to synchronize wireless or wired screen projection content with the conference scene. This means that users can effortlessly project and share their screen content with remote participants, allowing them to capture key information instantly.  

Quick Empowerment of Software Meetings

The Team Free Host is designed to quickly empower software meetings, providing a seamless transition to a conference room environment. By integrating wireless screen projection, HDMI encoding, omnidirectional microphones, and audio and video functions into one machine, the all-in-one device offers exceptional versatility and power. This smart integration saves time and effort by eliminating the need for multiple devices and cables, streamlining the meeting setup process.


In conclusion, the Team Frees conference room video camera solution is a game-changer for conference room experiences. Upgrade your conference room setup with the Team Free Host video conferencing all-in-one machine and unlock a new level of collaboration and productivity.


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