Empowering Tomorrow with Comprehensive EV Charging Solutions

Dalian Luobinsen Power Equipment Co., Ltd is a driving force in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, leading the charge towards a sustainable future with its innovative electric vehicle charging solutions. Focused on EV infrastructure, Luobinsen is dedicated to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge charging solutions.

Comprehensive EV Charging Solutions for a Connected World

Luobinsen’s commitment to advancing electric mobility is evident in its comprehensive EV charging solutions. These solutions, cater to the diverse needs of the electric vehicle ecosystem. From home charging stations to public charging networks, Luobinsen’s range of solutions ensures a seamless and efficient charging experience for electric vehicle users.

Global Impact and Collaborative Innovation

With a global footprint, Luobinsen’s EV charging solutions have made a significant impact on the international stage. The company collaborates with businesses, communities, and governments to create innovative charging infrastructure that supports the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Luobinsen’s solutions are not just about charging; they are about creating a connected world powered by sustainable transportation.

Tailored Solutions for Every Charging Need

Luobinsen’s electric vehicle charging solutions cover a spectrum of needs, from fast and efficient public charging stations to reliable and convenient home charging solutions. The company’s commitment to versatility is reflected in its support for various charging standards, including CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, and GBT. Luobinsen’s solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of different electric vehicle models and charging scenarios.


Luobinsen’s dedication to providing comprehensive electric vehicle charging solutions positions the company as a leader in the transition toward sustainable transportation. By combining innovation, global collaboration, and versatility, Luobinsen continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of EV infrastructure. For businesses and communities looking to embrace a connected and eco-friendly tomorrow, Luobinsen’s electric vehicle charging solutions are the key to unlocking a sustainable and electrified future.


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