Hanshow LuminaLCD ESL: Revolutionizing Electronic Shelf Edge Labels

Hanshow‘s LuminaLCD electronic shelf edge labels introduces a new era of electronic shelf labels with its innovative full-color, double-sided LCD screens. Unlike traditional ESLs that rely on ePaper displays, LuminaLCD ESL is electrically powered, offering endless possibilities for vibrant and dynamic content that instantly captivates customers in retail settings.

Unleash Creativity with High-Definition Full-Color Dynamic Display

With its full-color IPS LCD screen and 2.5-dimensional glass lens, LuminaLCD ESL brings products to life with stunning clarity and vividness. The dynamic display options allow retailers to showcase marketing content, product information, and pricing in a visually engaging manner. This cutting-edge technology creates an immersive shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Enhanced Visibility and Brand Recognition

LuminaLCD ESL takes visibility and brand recognition to new heights with its double-sided display and integrated design. Compared to traditional ESL solutions, LuminaLCD ESL offers twice the visibility, ensuring that customers can easily spot products and promotions from various angles. By transforming the aesthetics of the produce section into a modern, colorful, and informative setting, retailers can attract more customers and drive sales.

Unlocking Revenue Opportunities and Customer Engagement

The possibilities with LuminaLCD ESL extend beyond displaying prices. Retailers can utilize the vibrant screens to provide more information, accentuate promotions, and offer personalized recommendations or recipes to drive additional sales. By enhancing the customer experience, LuminaLCD ESL makes shopping more memorable and enjoyable, fostering loyalty and repeat visits.


In conclusion, Hanshow’s LuminaLCD ESL revolutionizes the concept of electronic shelf edge labels with its high-definition, full-color dynamic display and integrated design. By transforming the shopping experience, enhancing visibility, and providing opportunities for revenue growth, LuminaLCD ESL sets a new standard in the industry. With its compatibility, cost-saving features, and global reach, Hanshow continues to be a trusted partner for retailers seeking innovative digital retail solutions.


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