PET/PP Flooring Production Line: Efficient Control and Reliable Equipment

Boyu Extruder, a trusted manufacturer of extrusion equipment, presents the PET/PP Flooring Production Line. Our production line includes a range of professional floor-making equipment designed to meet the demands of PET/PP flooring production. With efficient control modes, high-quality components, and certifications such as CE and UL, Boyu Extruder is the go-to choice for manufacturers seeking top-notch extrusion equipment.

Efficient Control: PLC Programmed + Touch Screen Man-machine Interface

The PET/PP Flooring Production Line from Boyu Extruder features efficient control through a combination of PLC programming and a user-friendly touch screen interface. The PLC control, available in Omron or Siemens options, allows for precise programming and adjustment of various parameters throughout the production process. The touch screen interface, available in Chinese famous mature brand or Siemens, provides intuitive control and monitoring, ensuring seamless operations and efficient production.

Reliable Equipment: Chinese Famous Mature Brands and Trusted Suppliers

Boyu Extruder prioritizes the use of high-quality components and equipment in our PET/PP Flooring Production Line. The gear-box and transmission bearings are sourced from Chinese famous mature brands or reputable suppliers such as NSK or SKF, ensuring reliable and durable performance. Low-voltage electric components, buttons, and knobs from Schneider further enhance the reliability and safety of our equipment. The frequency inverters are available from trusted brands like Inovance, ABB, or Siemens, providing precise control and efficient power conversion.

Certified Quality: CE/UL Certification for Reliability and Compliance

Boyu Extruder’s PET/PP Flooring Production Line is certified with CE and UL certifications. These certifications attest to the compliance with stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring the reliability and performance of our equipment. With CE/UL certification, manufacturers can trust in the quality and compliance of our extrusion equipment, delivering reliable and high-quality PET/PP flooring products to the market.

Conclusion Boyu Extruder’s PET/PP Flooring Production Line offers efficient control and reliable equipment for manufacturers in the extrusion industry. With PLC programmed control, user-friendly touch screen interface, high-quality components from trusted brands, and certifications such as CE and UL, our production line ensures precise operations, seamless performance, and compliant output. Choose Boyu Extruder for your extrusion equipment needs and experience the benefits of efficient control, reliable equipment, and certified quality. Elevate your PET/PP flooring production with Boyu Extruder’s PET/PP Flooring Production Line


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