The Secret to Winning Big with the Most Accurate Way to Catch Lotto Prize 7

From ancient times until now, playing lottery has been an unforgettable joy for many people who love betting. For lottery players, possessing skills and experience in predicting lottery numbers is very important. In particular, how to catch lottery prize 7 is one of the very effective methods, especially for new players. Please refer to the following article, New88vinet Will bring the most useful information!

How to Catch Lottery Prize 7?

How to Catch Lottery Prize 7 This is a very familiar way of playing for those who are passionate about betting on lottery. This is a term often used by lottery players to refer to the numbers that will return in prize 7 of the Northern lottery results. Therefore, how to catch lottery prize 7 is a method that veteran players prefer to use for this type of lottery.

In fact, bookmakers in all 3 regions of our country have different ways to play the 7th prize lotteries. However, the most accurate tips for catching lotteries are only in the Northern lottery. This lottery method is based on the calculation of the probability of winning.

Therefore, it will become much simpler for players to win prize 7. Besides, the number of number 7 lottery numbers appearing at the stations is very small. Therefore, this award plays a quite important role. From there, it creates a relationship with other solutions in the returned results table.

How to catch lottery prize 7 effectively from experts

Different from other effective lottery methods that players often use such as: how to catch special lottery numbers, how to catch lottery prize 6,… However, how to catch lottery prize 7 has some differences with other methods. . Here are some effective ways to catch lotteries according to the 7th prize, summarized as follows:

How to catch lottery number 7 using the memory method

Silver memory is a popular way to play that many lottery players need to learn when starting to participate in lottery betting. The method of catching lottery prize 7 based on the memory method is also very effective and is applied by many players. When using this method, players need to compare the returned numbers to find the most accurate pair of numbers.

Silver remembers the 7th prize with the following lottery pairs:

  • In the previous session, the question was 20 of the 7th prize, players should play back to win 02 in this session.
  • The previous session had 33, the next session the lottery player bet BTL 91.
  • This session should double 44 if the previous session returned 23.
  • Immediately bet on numbers 18 – 29 for the next session if 40 came out in the previous session.
  • The previous session of tournament 7 returned double 11 or 99. Betting on 55 in this session is the wisest decision.

How to win lottery number 7 in double lottery

How to Catch Lottery Prize 7 will appear 2 identical numbers when drawn. The prize of 7 in double lot is also researched and analyzed by experienced bettors and the odds of the result coming in the next session. To apply the methods that experts have drawn up, players should pocket the following shared rules:

  • If you see a double lottery in prize 7.1, that is the first result of prize 7. Proceed to create a new pair of numbers by pairing this double lottery with the last one number of the special prize. For example: prize 7.1 is double 55, special prize is 92837. The new pair of numbers the bettor finds is 57 – 75.
  • In prize 7.2, if you see a double return, pair it with the number in the 4th position of the special prize from the left. For example, if the returned number is 33, the special prize number is 78656, then the new number found is 35 – 53.
  • Pair the double that appears at 7.3 with a number in the 3rd position in the special prize. For example, the 7th prize is 44, the special prize is 23451, then 44 is the new number you found.
  • Finally, if the bettor sees a double in prize 7.4, pair it with the 2nd number from the left of the special prize. For example: The winning number is 77 and the special prize is 28392. The number the player should play in the next session is 78 – 87.

How to get lottery number 7 from cross lottery

Cross lottery is what lottery players call when choosing multiple numbers to participate in betting. The results will be determined on all lottery numbers that the player has chosen. However, all numbers must explode for the player to win. Although this method is not easy to win, if you win, the reward will be huge.

Parlay according to prize 7, bettors choose at least 2 numbers that appeared in the most recent prize 7 to play for the next session. The lottery player monitors whether any of the 4 numbers returned in prize 7 have the same results to place a 2-cross bet on the remaining 2 numbers. You should take this opportunity because this is one of the cases that rarely appears.


Suppose the player sees that today’s 7th prize results are 23, 12, 23 and 35. The 23rd prize has 2 winks in the 7th prize, the bettor chooses to play the 2nd prize with the 2 numbers being 12 and 35.


Above are the popular Ways to Catch Lottery Prize 7 that are highly appreciated and frequently applied by veteran lottery players while participating in lottery games. Hope the information on New88 will help you gain more experience in playing lotteries, have a variety of ways to play and find lucky numbers!


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